Helpful tips and tricks to get your land or ranch ready to sell in central Texas

The central Texas housing market has been booming for some time now, and this same hot market momentum applies to investment properties, farmland, and ranches too. Although it may seem like a daunting task, selling land is very similar to selling your home, and the team at Next Move central Texas is ready to help you. 


Ranches and land come in all sizes and land uses include hunting, hay, cattle, fishing, recreation, high-fenced exotics, vineyards, and true working farms. When you have decided it is time to part ways with your property, be sure to review a few of the tips and tricks below that can help you get your land seller ready. Most specific to ranches and farms, the data you need to properly list your property is extensive and can be overwhelming, but below are a few data points that may offer a decent starting ground.


  • BLM leases or other agricultural leases
  • Conservation easement documents (if applicable) 
  • Inventory list of exclusions and inclusions from the seller
  • Land surveys
  • Legal descriptions
  • Local utilities
  • Property assessments (agricultural, timber, wildlife, etc.)
  • Production
  • Well logs
  • Water and wind rights (if applicable) 
  • Zoning information


Land deed and ownership. Ensuring that you have the legal documents for the property on hand is imperative. Additionally, if there is a family member who has rights to the land or property you are hoping to sell, you want to make deed and ownership rights arrangements far in advance of listing the property. Once you have secured the deed to the land, you can confidently begin the process of selling. 


Determine the value of your property. It is critical to get the fair (and best) bang for your buck when it comes to your land. The best way to estimate the real value of your property is to look at comparable properties (commonly referred to as comps) that have sold in the surrounding areas within the last six (6) to nine (9) months. A member of the Next Move team can help compile a list of “comps” that will help you determine the best listing price for your property.


Prepare for showings. Sprucing up your land for showings is paramount to attracting potential buyers. It may be as simple as clearing debris or trash, but additional things to think of include: fading or missing paint on barns, sheds, gates, and fences, and maintenance and repairs of small things around the property.


If you are contemplating selling your land or ranch in the central Texas area, connect with a Next Move agent today.